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Welcome... favorite pages from the online travel journals of Rochelle Elkan and Michael Potts.

In June, 2001, I wrote on this page "As we travel along, so will this site (as long as the technology holds out...)" I should have thought to say "and global politics stay stable." We were then heading out for our second sabbatical, this time with Chad Abramson for the first 12 weeks, and Sienna meeting us in Paris. (The first sabbatical, ten months with daughters Sienna and Damiana around the Pacific Rim in 1989-90 was pre-internet.) This trip, the first time any of us had ventured to Europe, was intended to be a twelve month long european trip including a wintertime West African sidetrip, but on 9/11 the world changed, and we came home for Christmas.

In May, 2002 we headed out again for a tour around the Western States driving our brand new hybrid Prius. We got 52.4 miles per gallon on that trip – reducing our fossil fuel guilt somewhat and renewing our love for shared "windshield time." Rochelle and Michael took another long road trip to Wisconsin to visit our "Surprise Daughter" Allicia and her family in 2014.

In September 2004 Rochelle, Michael, Sienna, and Damiana took a family canoe trip through Canyonlands National Park via Stillwater Canyon. Sienna and Michael returned to the Southwestern National Parks and Stillwater Canyon in 2014.

For our 2011 Italy/Croatia trip, I wrote a travel website tool that has been extremely useful in documenting subsequent trips. Sienna and Damiana accompanied us for the first three weeks of this trip.

In 2015, Rochelle and Michael completed a 2,500 mile loop up the coast of North America into British Colombia and back down the valleys in celebration of Rochelle's 70th birthday. More travels are already being planned, and will be documented here.

May and June of 2016: a seven week trip to France's Midi, a region of rivers, food, and ‘You Can't See Paris From Here’ (culminating with a week in Paris.) You can travel along on this trip starting here.

Our latest post can always be found here.

Most of the pages and pictures from the earlier trips have been removed from public access simply because they were taking up too much space. We hacked away as carefully as we could, but there are doubtless many broken links leading to pages that used to be but aren't anymore. We're sorry. If you beg very prettily on behalf of a certain destination, and we agree with you, we usually restore it.

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