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Retrieving and Entering Articles

The Coast 2020 Online Library is designed to accumulate ideas, questions, structural elements, that will help us envision the future backwards from the year 2020 -- to backcast (the same as forecast, only in the opposite direction In our case, starting in 2020, how did we get to this wonderful way of living?)

If you can think of a way to make the library work better for you -- if you find it wasting any time at all -- let's talk about how to make it work better. This is supposed to HELP!

How to navigate: Click any article title in the column at right to jump there. You can always page backwards through your readings with your browser's back button. At the end of each article there are links to the articles the librarian thinks come before (at left) and after (at right) the present article. You are invited to comment on any article. Comments are read by the moderator who posts relevant ones.

Articles are grouped by type, within a heirarchy defined by The Right Type .

The rest of this article is intended for folks who have been authorized to enter articles. If you think you should be able to enter articles, email the CI webster.


For now, the organization is very simple. If you are an editor, you will see a few small words at the top of your browser screen. To enter a new chunk, click ADD.  Be sure to classify your entry completely -- especially important: choosing The Right Type. Keywords are words that you might want to organize a collection of articles around; a story should always have its a year as a key, so all the stories about that year can be conveniently gathered. For an editor, the challenge is to make the article as accessible and useful as possible.

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