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updated ENERGY
"Slow the Flow, Catch the Action"

Because we spent a decade on stopping energy and water waste and increasing efficiency, our usage decreased by nearly half. After the North Coast Energy Commission was formed, there was effective coordination of conservation efforts, decentralized small scale energy generation, and some larger biomass conversion and cellulosic alcohol projects. The growth in both equipment installation and maintenance, as well as the fabrication of generation equipment, created jobs and wealth, and moved us toward more energy independence locally. Convenient public and private transportation sharing has immensely reduced fluid fuel usage and transportation energy costs - previously the largest part of coast energy usage.

The guiding principle became "Slow the Flow, Catch the Action". The Energy Commission coordinated with state and federal incentive and loan programs, and revitalized local financial institutions, to capitalize small scale energy projects and household generation efforts. Hundreds of small decentralized energy generation projects of all different kinds came on line, until bit by bit the coast moved toward energy independence, with the added bonus of keeping all the power producing and water management jobs and development here at home. Nearly everyone catches and stores water, and has some kind of greywater reuse on site, reducing municipal demand. We preheat our water with the sun, and store heat in our buildings. We no longer make garbage, just raw materials for the next use. Waste transformation and usable product life extension happens everywhere - creating lively new businesses.

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