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"A Good Ride for Every Trip"

We don't see very many almost empty big vehicles on the road. An extensive electric bus service combined with several creative approaches to ride share networks seldom leaves anyone more than a half mile and twenty minutes away from transportation to everywhere. We used the simple guideline, "A Good Ride for Every Trip". The same network moves most of our stuff around. Easy, accessible transportation has invigorated educational choice and services on the coast. Several hundred new transportation jobs have emerged. Light rail is being designed for a link to the inland valley. Bike lanes, trails, parking and zones are everywhere. Alternative fuels and charging stations are widely available, with electric/hybrid vehicle use expanding.

Warehouse hubs serve the coast/inland valley link, bringing efficiency and flexibility to the transport of goods. Plug in charging terminals have taken the place of parking meters. Communities are linked together, and served internally by pedestrian pathways, bike trails, a network of bus stops, and a people's taxi licensing program that lets everyone register to become a ride provider and transportation money earner. The local universal broadband network utility has linked local businesses, local consumers, and the intricate transportation network - saving hundreds of separate business and shopping trips daily. Revitalized town and city centers have become lovely strolling zones, filled with local culture and companionship. Visitors often park their cars upon arrival, and don't drive at all while enjoying the north coast.

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