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The New Independent Home

     by Michael Potts

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Declaring Independence
The Dependent Home
Rediscovering the land: O'Malley Stoumen's story
Looked Like Movement to Me
Reinventing the Cave
Sticker Shock and Whole Cost
Thrifty technology: Fred Rassman's story
The Hidden Costs of Electricity
Chapter 2 Homework : Outgrowing Dependence
Cost-Effective Home Energy Systems
Retrofitting: Steven Strong's story
Heating and Cooling Space
People Cookers
sidebar: The Case of the Overheated Attic
An American Fetish: Hoarding Hot Water
sidebar: refrigerator cowboys
The Outrageous Cost of Refrigeration
sidebar: The Great American Refrigerator Challenge
sidebar: But where's the Stick? Refrigerator Breakeven
Proudly standing alone: Catherine, Eva, and Lilia's story
What Part of OFF don't you Understand?
The road to town: Noel Perrin's story
1999 Update from Noel
A Cleaner Obsession
sidebar: Describing Electricity
Chapter 3 Harvesting Power
Harvesting Sunshine: Photovoltaic Cells
Evolving Modules
sidebar: Are PVs toxic?
As Simple As Possible: David Katz's story
sidebar: We Need Implementation, not a Break-through
Generators: Turning Spin Into Flow
Wind energy: Paul Gipe's story
1999 update from Paul
Falling Water: The Best Source
Hybrid Systems: Multiple Energy Sources
Power's Dark Underbelly
Chapter 4 Maintaining Home Utilities
sidebar: Home Energy System Overview
Planning domestic power: Felicia and Charlie Cowden's story
sidebar: The Heart of a Power Thief
Back to the grid: 1999 update from Charlie and Felicia
Storing Energy
Balancing the Battery Bank
Mush, You Batteries! Regular Battery Maintenance
Taking Good Care of the Team
Things That Spin, Wear
sidebar: Safety and Balance of System Equipment
Built to be Serviced
sidebar: No Load is a Good Load
sidebar: Mission Critical Power
More Power To Us
Chapter 5 Comprehending Energy
Voluntary simplicity: Lennie Kaumzha's story
Homestead energy : Steven's and Christiane's story
Mapping Home Energy
Urban Energy Treasures: Berta Nelson's story
Reckoning Home Energy
Getting Specific
Chapter 6 Choosing a Site for Energy
Declaring Freedom
Freedom While Building
Freedom to Live
Freedom to Last and Restore
Building in our Minds
Defining the Program
The Right Site
sidebar: Evaluating Comparables
Real Estate Traps
The Site Rose
Regional Design
Improving the land: David Palumbo's story
Meeting Our New Neighbors
What the Woodrat Recommends
Original Dwellings
The Laws of Physics: Laws We Can Live With
Chapter 7 Design for Independence
Recovering from an Edifice Complex
Right Ingredients
Comings and Goings
sidebar: An Engineer's Way to Put a Hole in a House
Putting the Car Before the House
Window Framings
Before You Build: Wes and Linda's Advice
Chapter 8 Building the Home Energy Machine
Paying for Too Much Climate Control
Mass and Glass
Pounding tires: Ken Anderson's story
1999 update from Ken Anderson
Simple, Passive, and Massive
sidebar: Heating with the Floor
High Ceilings, High Heating Bill"
Doors Indoors?
Insulation Is Everything
Building in Harmony with Sources
Renewable Energy Gotcha!s
Planning for Maintenance and Change
The Light of Experience
sidebar: Mobile Homes
Chapter 9 Pioneering and Settling the New Energy Frontier
Stepwise Refinement
Evolving Standards
sidebar: Fuel Cells: Why I Am Unimpressed
Beyond Experiment: Low-maintenance Systems
The second generation: Lafayette Young's story
1999 Update from Laf
sidebar: Laf Young on gas refrigerators
Integrated Response
Chapter 10 Home Entropy -- Improvements and Repairs
Spreading the news: Richard Gottlieb and Carol Levin's story
1998 update from Richard and Carol
Thinking Like an Island
Understanding Failure: Darkness or Dimming?
Optimizing Performance
sidebar: Hedging with Windows and Wire
Never Finished: Enlarging on the Theme
Homogenize or Customize?
Building into the Future
sidebar: The Brazil effect
Chapter 11 Growing with the Land
Twenty thousand trees: Frank Dolan's story
Fitting the Landscape
Ark Maui: Wittt Billlman's story
Slash and Burn Gardening
Beneath the Trees
Getting Above Mud
The Kitchen Garden
Growing Energy: Renewable Fuel
The Garden Within
Chapter 12 Generalists & Specialists
For land and family: Wes and Linda Edwards's story
The Information Grid
Phone It In
Wild west: Wayne and Debbie Robertson's story
The Unburn Pile
The Pendulum Returns
Chapter 13 Solar Neighborhoods
Cultural landscape: Arnie and Maria Valdez's story
1999 update from Arnie and Maria
Bonding with the Land
Land for the cost of a car: Nancy Hensley's story
1999 update from Nancy
Independent Children
Make friends with what you need: Michael Reynolds's story
1999 update from Mike Reynolds
Caveat emptor: J. P. Townsend's story
Ecotarian Guidelines
Natural communities
Chapter 14 Living with Constant Change
Solar Cycles
Public Consciousness and Cyclical Change
sidebar: Mac Rood on energy politics
The Political Weather
Making cycles serve us: Leigh Seddon's story
Shift Happens
sidebar: Jon Stoumen on Secondary Performance
Chapter 15 the Will to Survive
Bunkers will not save us: Leander Poisson's story
Shelter without Pollution or Compromise: Alan Crabtree's story
Mass-producing mistakes
Mechanical Crucifixion
Who will continue the work? Scott Suddreth's story
The Tough Keep Going
Chapter 16 Forward!
What We Know
What We Must Do
sidebar: Rocky Mountain Institute
The soft path: Hunter and Amory Lovins's story
The Future's Gifts
Resource List
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The New Independent Home

People and Houses that Harvest
the Sun, Wind, and Water
a book by Michael Potts
paper   *     8x10   *     408 pages
8 page color section + 200 illustrations:
b&w photos, graphs, charts, and diagrams
ISBN 1-890132-14-4   *     $30.00

this book at Amazon.com

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