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Caspar California 31 March 2013

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Rainy Green Easter

Leading up to the final walk-away tomorrow morning, every time I come back up the path, I appreciate the hereness of my home place -- an Austrian friend calls it my "treasure spot" and she gets that just right.

It seems almost perverse to leave this perfect place ... if not for the Merrie Monarch, we would stay for apple blossom season. Today we get the parade of a spring showery day marching in off the Pacific. A gentle snowstorm of plum blossoms blows by, having completed their work attracting early pollinators. The seasons here are distinct yet clement.

I enjoy posting travel thoughts, even if in a "staycation." Wonder if I could resist the unnecessary over-busy-ness that seems to be a part of home. By going away, I get (perforce) the distance I need to regain perspective on this ancestral home.

<p>Looking toward our front door</p>

Looking toward our front door

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<p>How many hours, pex fittings,...

How many hours, pex fittings, banged fingers, split grains, wrong-placed holes, how much slop and goo, paint, planning, going to the hardware store for that one part without which progres stops utterly ..?

Know what? It doesn't matter, because

  1. The failing, awkward old bathroom at 15000 Caspar Road has been transformed into a tight, bright, comfortable room worthy of the house's original Craftsmen makers, only better, because our materials are better. And
  2. Tomorrow Rochelle and I are going to Hawaii!
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