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Anini Beach 23 July 2017

1593 : 317

Snorkeling out front again. Sunday must be Eel Day: saw an itty-bitty (but wasn't ready to take its picture, and when I got ready, it was gone) but found photogenic big brother (in shadow, sorry. He wouldn't move...) He's likely about a foot long and maybe two inches from top of his dorsal fin to his belly. 

Lots of very small juvenile fish of several algae eating species -- this reef has become a nursery for young fish ...unfortunately, too small and shy to photograph.

1595 : 304

Mia and Zoe went Gecko hunting with Michael -- we have a beautifully marked (but very shy) green Gecko -- hope I get a photo before we go. All we found was an unspectacular Anole lizard, and a spectacular red flower.


1596 : 302

Dinner at Hanalei's #1 family-friendly restaurant, the spectacularly over-priced Dolphin. We remember it from 1983, a very different restaurant on a very different island. Evolution? 

Lindsey finally got one of the newer bussers to smile (by saying "Don't smile.") winning her a big smile from one of the experienced servers, who confided, "He's new." Honestly, none of the servers seemed very happy: very busy, very competent, but not having any fun. A peek into the kitchen seemed to show the same. This is a machine for feeding hungry tourists.

Ordinary food – big chunks of improperly torn lettuce, but at least it was fresh local lettuce. Superb piece of grilled Opa (Moonfish) with drawn butter, and a generously presented baked potato for us: $36. But it was lovely not to cook and wash up after... Again, Thank you, Chad, for dinner.

1597 : 293
<p>The Dolphin doesn

The Dolphin doesn't take reservations, and has outdoor seating beside the Hanalei River.

1598 : 291

I think this has been observed before:

  1. Cars make people stupid.
  2. Islands make people stupid.
  3. Things that make people stupid are multiplicative.
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