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La Push 19 August 2018

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he fog barely lifted today, rendering the whole scene monochromatic and restful. Surprising, this is only the end of the first travel week; it feels like we have been on the road for a long time. This is a very out-of-the-mainstream place to be. Having expected the provisions to be lacking here at the veriest edge of civilization, we had delicious pastries from the Blue Scorcher Bakery in Astoria, and a delicious Ramen with lamb for lunch (imported from Harvest Market and the Astoria Coop.)

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An afternoon walk to the south end of First Beach, where the muscular edge of the Cascade Plate is subducting under the Pacific Plate. Here, as at the shoreline at home, the rocks are tortured, but not as shattered as our greywackie. Here, evidence of volcanic action mixes in the conglomerate with solid ocean-floor sedimentary bands, but all upended by the geologic strife.

The beach is half grey sand, half cobbles of two distinct sizes, small and medium, and mostly sandstone, but with the same mix of colors as on the beach at Brookings. We noticed a dearth of heart rocks, but for fear of Duskiya, the kelp-haired child snatcher of Quileute legend, we wouldn't have taken any sand or rocks anyway.

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<p>Sea Cave at the Southern end of First Beach</p>

Sea Cave at the Southern end of First Beach

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<p>Quileute images</p>

Quileute images

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