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Caspar 20 September 2019

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While we were away, the wave action pumped some sand into the Caspar Beach lagoon's mouth, and so there's a bunch of water there. That's going to make getting to the beach a shoes off affair. But given Global Warming (at least that's the way it's been going here this summer) that'll be a fun outing. But air conditioner stock!


It occurs to me that I enjoy this periodic blogging, so I'm just going to keep at it when something interesting happens. Summertime Fridays for us, and this includes Sienna, are market in Mendo followed by a walk and then lunch, usually at the Beaujolais's outdoor pizza window. So, today being Friday: back to our usual tradition. 

2175 : 0

Mendonesia's usual suspects getting ready to take part in the biggest climate action in history

2176 : 0

Inspired by Greta Thunberg – THANK YOU, GRETA! – we took part; that's us three there in the middle in front of the sign. This image scrolls to the right.

2177 : 0

We'd already been to market, but here's a picture, with Market Manager (and our friend) Sakina on the left, attending to a customer.

2178 : 0

Sausage pizza from the Cafe Beaujolais.


This evening we went across the street to the Grand Opening of the Caspar Pub House, the new manifestation of the Caspar Inn. Good food, same old crappy acoustics. The louder Tommy Brown sang, the louder the people at the bar talked. Cacaphony. 

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