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Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

<p>A smoke plume from the big fire to the south made a pretty sunrise</p>

A smoke plume from the big fire to the south made a pretty sunrise

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We had already concluded that our trip was truncated, but last evening we learned that Inyo National Forest, home to Red's Meadow, was closed to control fire risk. We cancelled all our reservations, and prepared to be out the door before 8am. 

The transect down from the Sierras and across the Central Valley was quick but smokey; California is presently under a pall of smoke from bottom to top ...actually, from San Diego all the way up into Alaska. The western forests are on fire. Packer Lake was a little island of clear air.

Lunch at Granzella's in Williams, where they're handling the plague sensibly but the hit to their bottom line must be terrible – usually there would be five times this many eaters.

Home via Boonville to pick up some fruit at Gowans and some Apple Syrup at Tim's Apple Farm. Out to the coast at Navarro, and ¡smokey! Worse on the coast than anywhere we'd been inland. 

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<p>The view from our deck: no visible...

The view from our deck: no visible ocean, and a nasty color to the sky.

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