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to WeAskU Inn, Grants Pass 20 September 2022

2482 :

on the road again

2483 :

On the road again, and both of us a little under the weather, having food poisoned ourselves (or something?) over the weekend. “Why are we doing this?” was in both our minds . . .

2484 :
<p>Sinkyone Coastline</p>

Sinkyone Coastline

2485 :

Oh, right. That's one reason.

2486 :




We often seem to travel along endless corridors of large trees – I'm thinking about Vancouver Island as we drive this stretch of Highway 101 through the Avenue of the Giants forest – but these trees are really big.



We have traveled this route so many times that some of the fixtures along the way are like old friends . . . like lunch at Renata's Creperie in Arcata . . . Happy to see that at last Arcata has gotten their EV charging slots together. Got completely recharged for the next leg.

2487 :

It seemed like every road construction crew in California was working here in the state's upper lefthand corner. Thanks to SB1, a whole lot of bridges are getting earthquake proofed. Good idea. Luckily, we weren't feeling like hurrying, even though this was a 300 mile day.


2488 :

Highway 101 pops out to places where the forest spills into the sea. 



Thanks to good ol' Nathan B Drury, we got to skip a stretch of freeway and once again enjoy the big trees. They're so tall that it's impossible to take a good picture of their lofty entirety.

This is always a lovely lead up (or review) of what's next on the agenda, the narrow windy road through Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park that starts at the end of Howland Hill Road in Crescent City.

2489 :
<p>Grove of Titans, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park</p>

Grove of Titans, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

2490 :

North of the tunnel on Highway 199 we drove through the burnt remains of the 2020 Slater fire that burned more than 150,000 acres.

2491 :

We arrived, shadows of our former selves, at WeAskU Inn, a historic establishment just downstream from the place on the Rogue River where the Savage Rapids Dam was removed in 2009. A wonderful spot, and a delightful surprise. An adequate and soothing dinner in the town of Rogue River at River Station, but we were both glad to be in bed shortly after 9pm.

This morning, the sun brightened the eastern trees, and we were both feeling a lot better.


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