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We packed up and said goodbye to our mosquitoes, and grumbled a little at the fellow who will make an appearance here after dinner for his failure to keep up with their abatement...

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lead image for this date5 August 2017 :

Rochelle greeted me with this wonderful card this morning. Happy 73rd birthday to me. I thought to avoid email today, but the email greetings were welcome. Certainly, no FaceBook today (or this trip, or maybe August...

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lead image for this date6 August 2017 :

I started out labeling these entries Above Kamuela, but I realized that when I called the town that name, old timers gave me stink eye. It's a sort of Burma / Myanmar thing; too many Waimeas, so the Post Office people high handedly renamed this one Kamuela...

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lead image for this date7 August 2017 :

This was the most exciting thing about today: a Pueo sighting. This sweet little endangered owl is the only Hawaiian representative of the owlish clan (Strix or more completely Asio flammeus sandwichensis...


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