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lead image for this date7 September 2015 : In Shakespeare-land

We had breakfast with our Oregon family, and then took backroads from Silverton through Sublimity and Sweet Home on our way south. We checked out Cottage Grove -- very sleepy on the Labor Day, many folks at Buster's for brunch at 1:15...

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lead image for this date8 September 2015 : An Intense Ashland Day

Slow start, unhurried breakfast at Morning Glory, two errands, tea at Dobró, and a walk in the park before a rousing production of Guys & Dolls in the Bowmer ...

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lead image for this date9 September 2015 : Another Two-Play Day

We're taking it very slow today, breakfast in our room with our purchases from the Ashland Coop (one of the best stores in the world). We're storing up energy for two plays today...

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lead image for this date10 September 2015 : Jacksonville & One Play

A gentle day today: a ride over to our favorite kitchen and provision stores in Jacksonville, and an outstanding lunch at the C Street Bistro. This little boutique of a town hosts the Britt Festival, a music celebration that hasn't ever quite appealed to us ...

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lead image for this date5 October 2016 : On the Road Again to Ecotopia’s Cultural Capitol

How amazing is it that we USers had the good sense to save this patch of woods! Here in this State Park, hidden (I love that; this stand's location is "undisclosed...

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lead image for this date6 October 2016 : Ode to Ashland

If I were ever to live in a city again, this would be my choice. As I said yesterday, this little city (pop 20,793) has all the earmarks of a big city, without the crowding...

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lead image for this date7 October 2016 :

We started our day with a new (to us) breakfast a goodly walk north at The Breadboard, with a Cinnamon wheel (about the size of the wheels on our car) and an Ashland Scramble...

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lead image for this date9 October 2017 : Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day

I-5 is horrible – more on that below. After breakfast and a cuppa with Chad in Chico, we merged with the trucks and crazies on the highway, wound through the upper Sacramento's canyon, through a beautiful swatch of the Siskiyou Mountains and the high valley of the Shasta River, up and over Ashland Mountain and down to the cultural capital of the State of Jefferson...

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lead image for this date10 October 2017 :

A nice long walk up Siskiyou Avenue to the Breadboard for breakfast ... our new favorite breakfast, due to the fact that it's not as thronged as Morning Glory, and just as good food...

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lead image for this date11 October 2017 :

Slow morning "at home" in our warm little cave and then out into the crispness of an Ashland Autumn day. A nice lunch at Agave, a several times favorite...

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lead image for this date12 October 2017 : Ode to Autumn / Ashland 2017 edition

Maybe you've noticed I'm not taking many pictures, just borrowing (stealing) from OSF? Hunh? Partly, it's because so much of this is familiar territory – you've been with here with us before, and one of its charms is, it hasn't changed much...

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lead image for this date27 August 2018 : To Ashland

100  unavoidable I5 miles today. No pictures. The rest of the miles were on lovely forested curvy up-and-down Oregon back roads; nothing more special than the South branch of the Umpqua and the very beginnings of the hardwood leaves turning ...

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lead image for this date28 August 2018 :

Hank-Five in the Thomas theater, the 'small' theater. Three-quarters Thrust, spare set.  They had me before the lights dimmed: four of the company speaking the chorus that sets the piece:   O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend The brightest heaven of invention, A kingdom for a stage, princes to act And monarchs to behold the swelling scene! Then should the warlike Harry, like himself, Assume the port of Mars; and at his heels, Leash'd in like hounds, should famine, sword and fire Crouch for employment...

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lead image for this date29 August 2018 : More Smoke than Ash

We made our annual pilgrimage to Noble Coffee for a pair of chai lattes, and then a wander about town and lunch by Lithia Creek. You may note, no foodie pix; that's 'cause there's been no memorable food...

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