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lead image for this date20 August 2015 : Gold Beach — Astoria

First night on the road, and surprisingly, I got good sleep, and awoke to a sparkly morning. Surf still booming, but the sky cloudless and the marine layer lying almost out of sight...

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lead image for this date16 August 2018 : Easy Day

Out our northern porch window this morning, the Coaster that's been waiting rode at anchor. The fog looked to be lifting; small bits of blue scudded by overhead, and occasional bursts of sunlight spotlighted random roofs, trees, boats...

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lead image for this date17 August 2018 : Another Easy Day

Another one of Rose River Inn's good breakfasts, and some maintenance on this traveling system – the relationship between image sizes and copy wasn't right, and I wanted more freedom from the tyranny of a fixed width browser (the panorama from the Astoria Tower was too pinched!) – before we headed out west to find Lewis and Clark's winter camp at Fort Clatsop National Historic Park ...

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