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lead image for this date6 September 2011 : The Treasures of Siena

Art day. Back to the museums – in this case the Duomo, under the care of OPA, the Senesi Catholic Mafia. Bad start: I went to the biglietteria and asked for four OPA Si tickets, the recommended pass for entry to all the OPA “attractions...

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1st per in:|or four OPA Si tickets, the recommended pass for entry to all the OPA “attractions.” In theory, you can save $10 by buying the OPA Si pass when compared to buying an entry to (1) the Duomo, (2) the museo and belvedere, (3) the baptistry, and (4) the crypt. Something about selling tickets makes people sour. Maybe they're old Senese women disappointed in love for their priests. Maybe they just resent the crap out of foreigners. Probably they understand that selling you an OPA Si ticket isn't as profitable for OPA as selling you individual tickets; maybe they even get a percentage kickback when the “downsell.” |
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