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lead image for this date15 October 2017 :

We drove up to Silver Falls State Park, the crown jewel in a stunning collection of Oregon State Parks, first to return the mortal remains (ashes) of our beloved brother Michael Elkan to the stream he lived and worked beside for most of his best years...

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lead image for this date24 August 2018 : Happy BD Rochelle

Travel day. “Remind me never to travel again on my birthday!“ Today should have been a fairly easy, backroads 250 mile ride, but that would be if the highway wallahs put signs in the right places...

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lead image for this date25 August 2018 :

Saturday in Silverton, so there's a market. This compact little market has a lot of good food, but not much organic (maybe they haven't gotten that memo yet?) and lots of dogs: one woman with three nasty little mutts, a big backpack, a shopping bag, and zero sense of her footprint, knock tomatoes on the ground...

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lead image for this date26 August 2018 : Oregon Garden

Sharon took us to the Oregon Garden today. What an ambitious undertaking: 80 acres of intensely landscaped southwest facing hillside. Sharon is especially interested in the conifers, which makes sense here in Oregon where conifers rule...

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