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10 July 2017 : Caspar & Mendonesia            jump to this page > > >
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To finish the day, a delicious dinner at Uneda Eat in Point Arena. Brilliant Caesar, onion rings crisp and plump at once, Rochelle's too-much southern fried chicken (yummy lunch the next day!), and Michael's roast squab. 

26 July 2017 : Anini Beach            jump to this page > > >
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Rochelle and I drove into Kapaa, to the restaurant rated #1, JO2. Our superb server, Jeremiah, told us he worked there because he loved the food. We did too. Several things on the menu I'd never had before, and a very tempting "Early Bird Special" prix fixe dinner ... so we mixed and matched, and had a feast reminiscent of some of France's best.

28 July 2017 : Anini Beach            jump to this page > > >
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Just like our restaurant consultant (Damiana) said, dinner – tapas – was lovely, if a little spicy (and pricey). A superb salad of baby local greens over goat cheese with torn croutons (more kudos);

sorry, we ate before we clicked the pics: Lamp ribettes over tomatoes with more goat cheese; house-made chorizo with apple sourkraut; carrots with north African seasoning and aioli.

Lapperts at Princeville for dessert, since BARacuda is heavily into cheesecake (ick!)

30 July 2017 : Anini Beach            jump to this page > > >
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Despite the lack of proper pan and rice, I managed, with Rochelle's constant able help, a pretty fair paella, with pineapple and sashimi grade ahi gently seared, tiger shrimps from Asia and Kauai native shrimp. Delicious. Guess who didn't make it to dinner.



Tomorrow we pack up, out to dinner, and then ready to change islands.

4 August 2017 : Above Kamuela            jump to this page > > >
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Back down to town, and Red Water for a reprise on a dinner we had in 2011 ... and it worked! If anything, the place is better than it was then. We started with a Kamuela Beet Salad with amazing pickled Maui onions, and a bowl of tomato coconut bisque. Rochelle got her Fuji Roll, a fat tuna sushi roll delicately deep fried. The chef's special was Mahi Mahi in a lovely sauce. We were stuffed, so we had them set us up with a flourless chocolate cake to go.

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