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12 October 2017 : Ashland            jump to this page > > >
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photos: Jenny Graham, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Tonight, our fifth and last play. Looks kinda weird. News at 11.

 Well, I dunno.

Dinner was good, at Tot, a sorta post-modern place where we've eaten before. Good flavors, Caspar style.

That's a delicious chicken noodle dish, and asian style duck soup.

The play was ...original. And inscrutable. About a quarter in Korean. Kim Jong Il appeared (as a ghost, along with our protagonist/guides grandmother, also a ghost. We knew they were ghosts because they were performing on the back of the backdrop, which let itself down to rest at an angle away from the three-quarter thrust stage. Interesting.)

Mixed themes: the experience of being genetically Korean of Korean-born parents but raised without Korean, then going home. About losing one's American identity in Korea because "everyone looks alike," and so, about racism. About the foolishness of war, and the incredible short-sightedness of planting mines in a "demilitarized zone that, after 50 years, has become the last refuge of some endangered Asian macrofauna, like bears and tigers. Who get regularly blown up by the mines...

The strangeness of getting old in such a fractured society, and a hint at the different interpretation of suicide, East and West.

The play, written some years ago and so not intentionally topical, is intriguing to us, if only because it holds up a mirror to the craziness, now on both sides.



17 October 2017 : Port Orford            jump to this page > > >
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We were a little early, coming into town from our B&B, and so we checked out the setting sun view from the bluff above the dock in Port Orford, then on to Red Fish, an "almost linen table cloth" place (according to our hostess at 12 Acres B&B) and clearly the best food in town. Also, close to the only, as PO in October is closed on Tuesdays. (Never will figure that out. You'd think the tourist serving businesses would take turns: "You close Monday, we'll close Tuesday, and the Crazy Norwegian can close Wednesday or Thursday...")

Anyway: good food for a small town without much native to it besides fish. So we ate beautiful scallops over white polenta and tomato-caper sauce, the same brilliant field greens salad we shared last night, a shrimp and crab risotto (didn't get pictured; not photogenic, but yummy), and, for dessert, blood orange mousse. 

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