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16 October 2017 : Port Orford            jump to this page > > >
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Arrived in plenty of time for our reservation at the Chef's Counter, where we watched Gino and his team pump out extraordinary, generous, delicious, sustainable seafood dishes.

I have been looking forward to this meal for years, and so I ordered big: local crab two ways, in roasted garlic crab soup, and a crab cake. The crab in the soup was sweet, and the cake was a delicacy. Rochelle wanted a salad, and we had a field greens salad with local bay shrimp. The two mains that we shared, Rochelle's favorite fried oysters and a grilled halibut preparation over sauteed onions, bacon, chard, and noodles in a gently savory light sauce. (Fish must swim.)

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18 October 2017 : to Caspar            jump to this page > > >
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Lunch at Renata's Crêperie on G Street in Arcata – what a lovely town! Put a high-end state college in a remote town, not too far but far enough from a county seat and commercial center to draw off the mercenaries, and Voilà! You got yourself a lovely town.

The crêpe was delicious, too, but not especially photogenic.

On through Eureka and the gorgeous, windey freeway south through Garberville, then the super-twisty Highway One out to the coast and along our blessed ocean. Not much smoke, but some fog, just like the Oregon Coast.


22 August 2018 : Port Townsend            jump to this page > > >
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As has become our habit, we start eating before we remember to take a picture; only the Cider and Clam Chowder are unmolested here. The Buffalo Chicken Tenders are a nice refinement – all the joys of Chicken Wings with no gnarly bones – and a fairly standard Caesar. I note with sorrow that the popularity of the Caesar has led to the loss of proper dressing – each salad should be assembled in a big bowl, dressed, and tossed before serving, not dressed in its serving bowl. C'mon, guys; you can dedicate a stainless steel bowl to Caesars!

Port Townsend appears to be a poetry town:

Here's to a Long Life

And a Merry One;

A Quick Death

And An Easy One;

A Pretty Girl

And A True One;

And A Good Beer

And Another One


A ways down the street, an Irish shoppe called 'Wandering Aengus' ... a favorite Yeats poem of mine. I congratulated the shopkeeper on her naming; she acknowledged it was the poem that inspired her. A gorgeous wool cape I wanted for Rochelle, but she wasn't having any.

Still farther, a gallery with wonderfully whimsical birds and brightly painted panels, glass sculpture, furniture, paintings -- all nice. I appreciated the collection, and the shopman said, “It started as a small shop many years ago, with me the potter; 41 years of accumulation, and this is what I got.”

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