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2 September 2019 : Victoria, BC            jump to this page > > >
If you can't lick 'em we found lunch in one those monstrosities, at a place called Blue Crab. Salt Spring Island mussels in a spicy jalapeño sauce and blue crab cobb salad, chased down with Broken Ladder Cider, and watched the seaplanes come and go, the little water taxis scuttle about like waterbugs, and the MV Coho head back across the Strait.


3 September 2019 : Victoria            jump to this page > > >
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Here's Rochelle (getting ready with the Demerara sugar), her cappuccino, and my Fruit Shrub ("fruit-infused vinegar with botanicals and soda"; yum) ...and then out came our Breakfast Hash. Nourishing.

4 September 2019 : Salt Spring Island            jump to this page > > >
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8 September 2019 : Ucluelet, BC            jump to this page > > >
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Lunch at an unexpected gem in Port Alberni called Pescadores Bistro – their version of a bloody mary named something we can't remember, a classic Eggs Benny, and Oysters very lightly cooked with hollandaise over a bed of fresh spinach. NICE combinations.

   This is the kind of restaurant with a graceful middle-aged waitress who calls you "Hon", where there are signs like

Husband, fishing
pole, and dog.
REWARD for dog


Pescadores Bistro

9 September 2019 : Ucluelet            jump to this page > > >
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So where's lunch? We asked our pilot where we'd find a hearty fresh seafood lunch, and he said "My house! But I didn't thaw the fish..." And then sent us to Sobo, somewhat off the beaten tourist track and an obvious  favorite of locals.

Rochelle had the special Tuna Melt, while I gorged on Polenta Fries with what they call Caesar sauce, Smoked Fish Chowder, and Steamed Clams and Mussels, washed down with No Boats on Sunday Cider.


Omigod, I was full!

10 September 2019 : Ucluelet            jump to this page > > >
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8 August 2021 : to Honokaa            jump to this page > > >

Not much to do in Hawaii Volcano National Park, and so we soon carried on to Hilo, where I expected us to find a good lunch. I was right: Cafe Pesto. Even at 3pm the place was crowded, and we were told we wouldn't get seated (party of 7!) for an hour we walked up the street and found a very cool shop, The Locavore Store, where we found several Island delights.

6 May 2022 : at Damiana‚Äôs            jump to this page > > >
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Downtown San Francisco is, for this old timer, a shock – a blend of very new and some old familiar (but somehow changed, a terrible beauty is born.)

Walked to Yank Sing. Yum.


22 September 2022 : Shakespeare            jump to this page > > >
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Tonkatsu Ramen, extra egg, pork, toasted onions

. . . Hiro Ramen, a new visit for us, and a good one. We're lunching sparingly, because this is an eat, eat, play, eat day – kinda the Ashland Experience for us, whose at-home restaurant palette is pretty limited. Oh, dear, all the new restaurants we don't get to try out!

Having recently seen Ramen Heads we were eager to try something other than what comes out of a package, and Rochelle found this one in Ashland. The broth was mild, deep; the ingredients bathing in it were hearty and delicious – looked just like the movie (although I'm betting 'the real thing' in Japan is an order of magnitude more nuanced and delicious!) Our friends liked it too; we passed a lovely lunch discussing The Tempest, that we'd all seen the night before. I was surprised that they shared our perception that much of the dialogue was hard (or impossible) to understand – the Brando syndrome? the amplification, and an unhealthy interaction between some actors' voices and enunciation? Would we encounter the same indoors with King John?

Stay tuned . . .

30 May 2023 : Vancouver B.C.            jump to this page > > >
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Lunch from a place called Napa Farms that served all its over-priced but fresh and thoughtfully prepared food items in little plastic coffins. When we were finished, we were left with an admirable pile of trash.

The outstanding dish was a vegan Caesar Salad with something called 'seed parmesan.'  

31 May 2023 : Vancouver            jump to this page > > >
Recovery Day
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This is a big, fascinating city. We roosted here in the West End next to English Bay, where we stayed last time we were here, in 2015 really like the area. Beaucoup ethnic restaurants – we can now proudly claim to have eaten the Canadian National Fast Food: poutine. Potatoes, cheese curds, and gravy; optional additions (as here): chicken, but let your imagination run wild. Originating in Quebec, La Belle Patate prides itself on serving the most authentic Quebecoise poutine in Western Canada. It's Canada's answer to the hamburger.

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