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30 May 2023 : Vancouver B.C.            jump to this page > > >
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Lunch from a place called Napa Farms that served all its over-priced but fresh and thoughtfully prepared food items in little plastic coffins. When we were finished, we were left with an admirable pile of trash.

The outstanding dish was a vegan Caesar Salad with something called 'seed parmesan.'  

31 May 2023 : Vancouver            jump to this page > > >
Recovery Day
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This is a big, fascinating city. We roosted here in the West End next to English Bay, where we stayed last time we were here, in 2015 really like the area. Beaucoup ethnic restaurants – we can now proudly claim to have eaten the Canadian National Fast Food: poutine. Potatoes, cheese curds, and gravy; optional additions (as here): chicken, but let your imagination run wild. Originating in Quebec, La Belle Patate prides itself on serving the most authentic Quebecoise poutine in Western Canada. It's Canada's answer to the hamburger.

3 June 2023 : Port Hardy            jump to this page > > >
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Lunch at Sporty's reputedly 'Port Hardy's favorite joint.' Over-breaded but excellent fish, blackened snapper on an okay salad, and a cider that lists as its second ingredient Vodka.





We passed our 'observed Covid tests' administered by a nurse named Rochelle.














One more meal to come: something sushi.

4 June 2023 : onboard the Great Bear II            jump to this page > > >
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After the usual excitement of a water take-off we flew north over islands, salmon pens, beaches, and a lot of forest. Finally, settlements in sight (Bella Bella and Shearwater Resort) we banked sharply over Gunboat Passage and Haydon made a smooth landing on a bit of chop in the bay in front of Shearwater Resort on Denny Island. Captain Eric, Marjan, and Jen the cook met us and led us through a very light shower to the Great Bear II. After Captain Eric’s thorough safety briefing, he showed us to our comfortable cabin, explained the toilet, and, with the crew, made us feel at home.

Soon after, the Great Bear II was underway around the top of Campbell Island and on through the Seaforth Channel, then north into Mathieson Channel between the Don Peninsula and Dowager Island. Jen served us a delicious lunch: salmon and cream cheese with pickled onions over pumpernickel bread and a lovely salad with strawberries and candied walnuts.

5 June 2023 : onboard the Great Bear II            jump to this page > > >
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One of our fellow passengers, Trina, kept claiming islands that she deemed small enough that she could afford them. Here's one.

Jen and Marjan served lunch while underway, magnificent scenery, including several waterfalls, decorating the ‘walls’ of our dining room. Roasted Butternut Squash soup and bruschetta with savory tomato.



Harlequin Duck
But this is supposed to be the Great Bear Wilderness!
Where are the bears?

6 June 2023 : onboard the Great Bear II            jump to this page > > >
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At the head of the inlet, the mudflats at low tide were alive with life, from worms and squirting clams to megafauna. Amazing how when large critters are present, even the most interesting small critters do not receive the attention we’d usually give them.

Another delicious lunch when we returned to Great Bear II.

In the afternoon, a marine excitement delayed the afternoon excursion, while ‘Yellow Cow’ had a steering meltdown and for awhile Captain Eric thought he’d have to go help out per ‘the Rules of the Sea’ as the closest able vessel – apparently an inexperienced couple on the aforementioned Cow managed to confuse their autopilot and steering system, and in a four way conversation with Prince Rupert Coast Guard, a commercial tug, the Cow, and us, it was finally worked out that we didn’t need to respond. Eventually they accepted the tug’s (for money) tow offer, but not before the Cow’s captain asked the Coast Guard to get his wife to stop harassing him.

11 August 2023 : Stinson Beach            jump to this page > > >
Short Marin Trip
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About this time of year we usually visit with my friends Kathy and Tony in Bolinas: pretty drive down Highway 1, stop in Point Arena for Franny's for pastries to keep us on a sugar high for the whole trip, Gualala for lunch at Trinks sitting on the ocean side. Not enough sugar from Franny's so we got a lemon meringue tart to follow our blackened chicken sandwich and fresh squoze orange juice.


Then the twisty, scenic ride south through Sea Ranch, past Fort Ross – same as last year and the year before, so no pictures.

The ride is beset by frightened drivers who looked at their maps in Leggett or San Francisco and though the coast route couldn't be more than an hour longer than straight mostly freeway Highway 101. 

13 August 2023 : over the hill            jump to this page > > >

Lunch with Damiana and Rich at Poggio. Fabulous. 


  1. Pesca: mixed baby lettuce, peaches, goat cheese, candied pecans, radishes, fried shallots
  2. Caprese: heirloom tomatoes, bufala mozzarella, basil, aceto balsamico
  3. White corn & leek soup (had a better name but it's gone from today's menu): creamy, delicious
  4. Fegatini: chicken liver mousse crostini, cherries, pistachios, aceto balsamico
  5. Agnolotti; polenta & scamorza cheese filled pasta, chanterelles, corn puree, grana padano, pea shoots
  6. Costata: oak grilled ribeye steak, yukon gold potatoes, garlic, arugula, red wine jus, lemon – Rich said it was one of the best restaurant steaks he's ever had


14 August 2023 : home to Caspar            jump to this page > > >
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To Freeman Toyota to get our Prime's 40k service, and then on our way home. The prevailing traffic was travelling at 72 miles per hour on the freeway, above my rated top speed, but I kept up through the busy midtown section.

After a stop at Oliver's for groceries we can't find in Fort Bragg (guanciale, organic pork tenderloin) I stubbornly set my cruise control at 65 and felt like the pebble perturbing the stream. 

Lunch at Lauren's. We think Lauren's was better in her old digs: more spacious, more Boonville. The Caesar was good although the cretins were to hard, and the peanut sesame noodles were too peanutty. 

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