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Louvre Museum • 22 June 2016

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Modrun at the Pompidou  
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Jet-propelled Saint
Frightens Sinners
Medieval Animation (fragment)
(next frames: the heirophant top right eats the virgin.)
“... Ideal Painting ...” – Napoleon I
(Actually, I like this one. Rochelle pointed it out.)
Nappy Sanctified by Pope Pius VI
Famous as the biggest painting in the world.
detail from Nappy Sanctified : the Princesses Historical Document from Louvre Library Winged Victory
and admirers
Sabine Women's Anti-War Moment Saint Frank with Mary and Jesus
Anachronism in Action
This is what the Louvre is for.
For the rest of us, it's probably too late.
Bewildered Visitors Visitor Petrified While Using Cellphone
in attempt to find his way out of the Louvre.
Venus ... in any color you like (so long as it glows.)

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