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Egmont, BC 27 August 2015

963 : 1108

Three Ferry Day

This will be short -- to be expanded later when we're not on satellite internet.

Three ferries, LOTS of waiting. 

Out the door of Enchanted Cottage just before 9am on the south end of Salt Spring Island and drive to Vesuvius, for our first ferry ride across the channel to Vancouver Island. Up the island through Nanaimo to Comox, which according to the First Nation Peoples is really K'omaks. Yummy lunch at the Twisted Dish, then to the ferry landing for a wait, and then an hour and a half ferry ride across Georgia Strait to Westview. A short drive to Saltery Bay, and a long wait for the ferry to Earl's Cove, a forty minute trip. Then just a few miles to West Coast Wilderness Lodge, where we were barely in time for dinner on the deck, finished in the dark with a whirling sterno flame and two candles -- lots of ambiance, and delicious mussels and melon gazpacho.

<p>Third Ferry: Saltery Bay to Earl’s Cove</p>

Third Ferry: Saltery Bay to Earl’s Cove

964 : 1073
<p>Sunrise from the Enchanted Cottage</p>

Sunrise from the Enchanted Cottage

965 : 1071

Increasingly cloudy each of the last several days. The spectacular sunrise is due in part to the continuing fires, and also to the changing weather: autumn appears to be coming early, or at least that's what we overhear people saying.

Gorgeous almost too warm weather all day, even into the evening eating in the semi-darkness on the veranda at West Coast Wilderness Lodge. Such weather sometimes presages storms...

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