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Caspar 13 September 2015

1048 : 2480

Home Again

Rochelle drove us home, through the back roads north of Colusa, and across to Williams for a to-go sandwich from Granzella's. As we headed into the Coast Range's foothills, we saw smoke from the Valley Fire that wiped out Harbin Hot Springs and a goodly part of Middletown. The smoke was oppressive around the lake, the opposite shore completely obscured. Ukiah was under a smoky blanket. We finally found clear air at Montgomery Woods where we ate our sandwich beside a mere dribble of Orr Creek.

<p>Oak-covered hills west of Williams</p>

Oak-covered hills west of Williams

1049 : 2478

Greeted home by Sienna and Pi, the sun eerily red and large peeking through the clouds and smoke. So good to have been gone, to have such a sparkling trip ... and then, to come home to this beautiful place!

2,579.3 miles on the Prius, averaging 50.1 miles per gallon and 38 miles per hour; 67 hours of driving, about 2.7 hours each day; just over 99 miles average travel each day. 6 tanks of gas. A gentle, safe, low-impact trip.

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