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Vancouver 31 May 2023

2535 :

Recovery Day

This is a big, fascinating city. We roosted here in the West End next to English Bay, where we stayed last time we were here, in 2015 really like the area. Beaucoup ethnic restaurants – we can now proudly claim to have eaten the Canadian National Fast Food: poutine. Potatoes, cheese curds, and gravy; optional additions (as here): chicken, but let your imagination run wild. Originating in Quebec, La Belle Patate prides itself on serving the most authentic Quebecoise poutine in Western Canada. It's Canada's answer to the hamburger.

2537 :

The high-rise habitations dominate the skyline here in the West End, even though there are also graceful what must have been 'British in the Jungle' structures here too:



2538 :

2539 :

We sat for a spell and watch the world go by at English Bay beach. I like the truncated runner guy in this panorama. 

Rochelle took a picture of me with the Laughing Guys, a sculpture by Yue Minjun. 'Pick a different guy,' she said, as if I'd remember the guy I chose last time. And of course I chose the same guy. Here's our 2015 visit and the picture.



photo by Rochelle.jpg Rochelle took photos marked with this R


Here's the view from our room:


view from our room

2540 :

Some of the older houses are awesome. Here's one recognized by the city as a Heritage Building.


2541 :

We walked into Stanley Park past a bunch of busy tennis courts to Stanley Park Brewing because we'd found that it offers salads, an apparent rarity here in health-conscious Vancouver (!?!) and after our potato outrage at lunch, that's what we wanted for dinner. Plus a superb house-brewed cloudy IPA, 'The Captain.' Our server Sabrina was personable and funny, said she envied my outfit, recommended the beer.


Rochelle at dinner

2542 :

After strolling back along the breakwater, we couldn't resist redoing the Laughing Man photos. The title of the piece is 'A-Maze-ing Laughter' donated by the Wilson Family 'to promote fun, community, and connection.' A cement bench around the uphill side is lettered 'May this sculpture inspire laughter, playfulness, and joy in all who experience it.“

2543 :

2544 :

We both liked what they'd done to the otherwise plain crackerbox high rise behind us. 

After, we stopped for gelato, and then home for an early bed, as we have an early start tomorrow.

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