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Oyster Bay 12 June 2023

2662 :

heading for home

Finished posting this morning, had breakfast at Kwa'lilas, packed the car, and headed down Highway 19 toward Campbell River.

I never thought I'd say this, but trees are boring. Highway 19 is a long corridor of well designed roadway running between two walls of 100-foot+ trees that obscure the surrounding countryside for almost the whole way. Running south today, we think we may have seen flashes of Nimpkish Lake, on the map a 25 kilometer long lake right beside the highway. Going north, from the other side of the road, nothing. I amused myself by speculating what the reason(s) might be: Nimpky the hostile indwelling lake serpent (Nessy's nasty cousin) eats tourists; the Canadian Navy performs secret flying saucer trials on the lake; the timber industry has raped the surroundings so violently that they don't want us to see . . .

2663 :

photo by Rochelle.jpg Rochelle took photos marked with this R



 Lunch at Riptide – sorry, no pictures, but two delicious (and much craved) salads and, once again, a spunky server. 



On south to Oyster Bay, 17k south of Campbell River, where we're staying in the Ocean Resort, a 1950s style accommodation with a huge front lawn, a labyrinth, and a view across Georgia Strait to the snow-capped mountains of mainland British Columbia. 

2665 :

2666 :

That's likely all you'll get from us today, unless dinner down the street does something spectacular. The main event is over and we're just makin' our way home.

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