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Up early, and I fetched our croissants from the provision boat on the other side of Le Somail's ancient bridge. The boys from Le Somail (average age=65) were getting ready for a Fete, even though today is grey and wet...

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We parked, literally, in the weeds, and this morning we were hosting considerable livestock, in the form of snails, crickets, and other assorted small fry. It rained heavily in the night, and we had a window open over the bed ...

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lead image for this date30 May 2016 :

We had stars last night for the first night in awhile ... and later, a 3rd quarter moon making a path on the Canal out our bedroom window. Rochelle caught a picture of first light on the young trees, new-planted by the VNF (The Canal Authority) to replace the Plane trees that have fallen victim to a disease...

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lead image for this date31 May 2016 :

We moored about a kilometer east of Argeliers, believing (from the guidebooks (plural)) that there was a market there this morning. Not so, the baker's girl told us as she sold us a croissant and two chocolate beignets...

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lead image for this date1 June 2016 :

Another windy grey day. We're tied up in Le Somail and done boating, so I took a bike ride to the next town supposedly having a market day. Not true. The ride along the tow-path beside the Canal was mostly easy if bumpy...

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