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lead image for this date27 August 2015 : Three Ferry Day

This will be short -- to be expanded later when we're not on satellite internet. Three ferries, LOTS of waiting.  Out the door of Enchanted Cottage just before 9am on the south end of Salt Spring Island and drive to Vesuvius, for our first ferry ride across the channel to Vancouver Island...

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lead image for this date28 August 2015 : Mostly Down Day

Overnight, light rain fell, resuscitating the mosses that were looking pretty dim. They call this the 'Sunshine Coast' ('they' being the local boosters; every little community has its hypesters, and it's hard not to laugh at them, especially on a day like today) -- but this is, after all, a temperate rain forest, and the natives here need the rain...

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lead image for this date29 August 2015 : Lost Day

The first storm of the year hit the Sunshine Coast early and hard. It rained a little last night, and drizzled throughout the morning. We drove back out 4 kilometers to the trailhead to Skookumchuck Rapids and walked 300 meters down the trail to the Skookumchuck Cafe, where we were told they'd had a trifecta of disasters: their oven dies yesterday, then they'd run out of gas, and the electricity went out...

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