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lead image for this date19 June 2016 : Versailles Market

More iffy weather. Everyone's complaining, "We don't know how to dress!" People poking each other with their umbrellas, the usual iffy weather drill.  Versailles has a Sunday market, and we've had our fill of the Chateau and garden, so we're glad to go...

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lead image for this date20 June 2016 : R & M’s 34th Wedding Anniversary

Miserable weather, leading Parisians (and others) to wonder if this is the beginning of another "Year without a summer," like the Little Ice Age of 1816. Temperatures aren't unseasonable, but water falling from the sky dat after day is unprecedented...

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lead image for this date21 June 2016 : Monet

Today we took a train ride 80 miles out to Giverny to visit Monet's garden. I usually start by telling how we get there, but today, one pretty picture at the top to show you why we go...

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lead image for this date22 June 2016 :

Not a cloud in the sky this morning when we awaken. It finally quieted down about 5am, and, blessedly, the construction across the street was relatively quiet this morning...

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lead image for this date23 June 2016 :

Today promises to be another sultry day – high humidity and temperature. We returned our Webspot device to its owners, a bunch of younglings just up the street, and then wandered over to wait in the shade for the Pompidou Center to open...

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lead image for this date24 June 2016 :

After a run of really great places to stay, I must start today by saying, we are not happy with our place in Paris. It's noisy 24/7, with heavy construction from 7am, and then heavy street noise (I'm struggling to resist the racist wind that's blowing through Europe) from 4pm until about 4am...

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lead image for this date25 June 2016 :

We started our expedition by climbing down into the bowels of the City, level -5, where the RER trains run. We were headed out to Saint-Germain-en-Laye, birthplace and one-time home of Louis XIV, but nowadays the for-now home of our dear friends Mike and Janice Whitacre...

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lead image for this date26 June 2016 :

Out just after ten, and a bus through the busy Sunday center of Paris to Place Pigalle, and then up the hill -- many steps -- to the top of the Butte Montmartre, the highest knob in Paris, on top of which is built the tall, white, Basilica of the Sacred Heart, nicknamed Sacre Coeur...

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