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We have arrived at our departure point, and are settled into a 4-star hotel room in a First Nations-run property, Kwa'lilas Hotel. (Kwa'lilas is the kwak’wala word used by Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw people, meaning 'a place to sleep...

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This is the last full day when we'll be in contact with the outside world, and so the days from the 4th through the tenth are likely not to be posted until we return to 'civilization' (supposing that having internet is synonymous with being civilized...

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lead image for this date11 June 2023 : Back to civilization (?)

Up anchor in Oliver Cove early, and through Green Passage and around to the (?) Channel and Shearwater. Early on, we saw this laid-back Sea Otter sunning himself unconcernedly as Eric drove the boat around him...

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