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lead image for this date17 June 2016 :

An intense, complicated, long travel day ... but a good outcome. More about that later. We started out just before 8am from our comfortable (but sterile) digs in l'Herbaudière, left the island (the signs said "to the continent") and then wound our way through a couple of narrow little cities before coming to the autoroute, up and over the bridge over the Loire at Nantes, and off across France on a northwesterly course, headed for our car drop-off in Le Mans...

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lead image for this date18 June 2016 : Chateau de Versailles

Up early. Iffy weather, but temporarily smiling. We're on our way by 8:30 a little over a kilometer to the Golden Gates ... by way of a bakery. Here in the north, chocolatines have become pain au chocolat...

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lead image for this date18 June 2016 : Materials & Workmanship

Thinking the Versailles Experience over, I find two things stand out for me: the materials and workmanship, and the people. Considering this was the home for three successive kings, there's not much here about them...

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lead image for this date18 June 2016 : Royalty = People

Here's Wikipedia's description of the formidable personnage on the right: Marie Adélaïde de France, Daughter of France (23 March 1732 in Versailles – 27 February 1800 in Trieste), was the fourth daughter and sixth child of King Louis XV of France and his consort, Marie Leszczyńska...


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