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lead image for this date23 August 2015 : Across the Strait to Canada

We were up and excited, and packed out of our cave by 10:30 ... could have been sooner. We were headed for the Main Event: the ferry to Victoria. After checking our car at the Black Ball lot and paying our ferry fee, we had an hour and a half to wander in downtown Port Angeles...

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lead image for this date24 August 2015 : the Main Event: Rochelle’s 70th

After a video call from Chad, we went to breakfast and then the Royal British Columbia Museum, where we saw the Humpback Whale IMAX. The museum is spectacular ...

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lead image for this date3 September 2019 :

We're staying in a little cabin behind a house on Simcoe Street in the James Bay district, an easy walk from water (in three directions!) and most of the other amenities one would need – even walking distance of the ferry, should your car not want to leave Trump-land...

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