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The New Independent Home

     by Michael Potts

Dedication &

This book is dedicated to my daughters Sienna and Damiana, whose existence daily reminds me of my purpose.
     Stephen Morris invented this book in 1992, and my editor, Jim Schley, taught me how to write. Susan Mazur generously shared her friends and her own off the grid experiences. Rochelle Elkan was my tireless and meticulous proofreader. Inspiration and encouragement from these four friends made this book.

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The New Independent Home

People and Houses that Harvest
the Sun, Wind, and Water
a book by Michael Potts
paper   *     8x10   *     408 pages
8 page color section + 200 illustrations:
b&w photos, graphs, charts, and diagrams
ISBN 1-890132-14-4   *     $30.00

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