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to Silverton 13 October 2017

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Loving I-5 as we do, we opted out at Medford and took the windy, scenic alternate through Shady Cove and along the South Umpqua to Canyonville. From there, big rain and big rigs made I-5 into a nail-biter – Rochelle did the nail biting as I was too busy staying in my lane through the wheel-spray. Of course, nobody slows down; to do so is to risk everything. A nice lunch in Eugene at Marché, then back roads again to family in Silverton.

From the relative solitude of a comfortable third-of-a-century partnership to the hurly-burly of a family is always a shock for this only child, but I enjoy each and every one of the Elkan clan, augmented now by  loquacious almost-seven year old Isabella.

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