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to Portland 14 October 2017

1746 : 452

We started the day slowly, Mona's Challah French Toast (Yum) and then a ride to the last Silverton Farmers Market of the year. Fall is in the air, but today promises some sun.

Coming home with us from the market, a delicious loaf of bread (already mostly devoured) and some black raspberry jam and a package of cool looking hand made pasta.



After lunch, Mona drives us to Portland and Jessica's, where we gather and head for the Portland Japanese Garden, said to be "the most authentic Japanese garden outside Japan. Given the climate, I can believe.

1747 : 447

1748 : 445

Beautiful workmanship and attention
to lasting as well as ephemeral detail.





 where due...

1749 : 431

1750 : 429
<p>Lively beautiful places in urban...

Lively beautiful places in urban settings attract mobs of people. It was the koi that drew this crowd, not the serenity of the garden..

1751 : 427


Three generations of Elkans admiring them.


And sisters wondering who's calling their names; Portland and Mount Hood barely visible on the horizon. 



Delicious Autentica Mexican dinner, an amazing Rucola (Arugula) salad with onions and grilled pear slices a glass of Damiana shared for dessert, then Camarones al mojo just like you'd get at a palapa sur la playa.

Long ride on I-5 back to Silverton, Chuck navigating admirably. Disastrous (for me) game of 3-13.

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