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lead image for this date11 September 2015 : Grandchildren via Lassen

After breakfast at Morning Glory (Yum!) we rolled over Siskiyou Pass on I-5, a truly magnificent piece of highway engineering, and around the foot of Mount Shasta (who was shyly hiding her bareness in the clouds and smoke...

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lead image for this date12 September 2015 : Quiet Family Day

Mia took us for a walk in Chico's beautiful Bidwell park, where the oak trees are a hundred years old. Imagine having the Bidwell vision to protect this park when Chico was scarcely a village! After awhile, everyone caught up ...

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lead image for this date4 September 2020 :

As long as we were on our side of the hill, the air was clear and the temperature was delicious. Lots of new pavement on Comptche-Ukiah Road.  Lots of traffic, too...

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lead image for this date5 September 2020 :

Breakfast from across the street at Chico Saturday Market. The woman in cool little rolling stand offered Proscuito, Cheese, and Leek Quiche and “her favorite,” Strawberry Rhubarb Pie...

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lead image for this date6 September 2020 :

81° at 7:30 on its way to 109° today. Like they say, there are some places on the planet that just aren't inhabitable any longer. We will be spending more time in the pool today (and most of our time in air conditioned space...

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