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Silverton, OR 4 September 2015

1018 : 1051

With Family

Took one picture today. Mostly drove. Breakfast at Jimmy's across the street from Safeco Field. Ordinary breakfast; good waiter.

Surface Streets out past the huge Boeing campus, I-5 through Tacoma (stop-and-go) and Olympia (stop-and-go), back roads from Napavine and over the Columbia to Highway 30 at Rainier, Oregon. Really pretty along the west bank of the Cowlitz.

Portland. A Classic Reuben and a classy waitress -- three "Taa-dah!"s -- at Kornblatt's on 23rd. Still wonderful after all these years ... but my Greenhouse Reubens were better. (Waitresses too.)

Then a horror, the trip from Portland to Silverton that ought to take 45 minutes, takes 2.5 hours, 75% of that gridlock. 

<p>"Whatsamatta, you got a hole in your mitt?"</p>

"Whatsamatta, you got a hole in your mitt?"

1019 : 1049

Too many one person cars. If the 50% who would be better served by public transit rode it instead of driving one to each car, everything would work better, especially for them ... but No, we're too proud and independent to share a bus seat.

The failure of public transit is that USers won't ride public transit. We're too good for it.

Finally, just before 6pm, into the arms of family. Lots of laughter and stories, a silly game of 3-13 (Rochelle won), and now to bed. Tomorrow back to farmer's market at Portland State and dinner with Jessica and family.

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