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Portland, OR 5 September 2015

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Portland Saturday

We had an easy 45 minute trip from Rochelle's younger bro's place in Silverton to her eldest niece's in Portland, and thence to the Portland State Farmer's Market, where we got the treasure trove shown below.

Next, a food truck pod in the Division district, Portland NE, for the marble egg (cooked in tea), takoyaki (steamed tako -- octopus -- with takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, seaweed, and Bonito flakes), ramen bowls, an awesome salad. Some more destination shopping for Salmon, ice cream, and home to fix dinner for eight.

It rained a little at the end of our adventure, reminding us of the joy of I-5 in the rain. We hope our journey back to Silverton tomorrow after breakfast will be as easy as our ride in this morning.

All's well in PDX.

<p>Marble Egg</p>

Marble Egg

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<p>Family celebrates Rochelle’s seven candles</p>

Family celebrates Rochelle’s seven candles

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