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Caspar 28 April 2016

1052 : 2112

1053 : 2107
<p>Springtime Sunset from our deck</p>

Springtime Sunset from our deck

Here we go again!

As departure approaches, and normal life begins shading into travel mode, we are always astonished and gratified by the wonders of Where We Live. I suppose it's what always calls us back here, despite the wonderful places we visit. 

This trip, the wonders are mostly focused in Southwestern France, sometimes called the Midi, sometimes Languedoc for the langue d'Oc once spoken here, sometimes by a variety of names (the Vermillion Coast, the Midi-Pyrénées, the Garonne, Aquitaine, Burgundy), a land of wine and pâté, rivers ... and not, we are told, as many tourists as in Provence to the east.

1054 : 2093

Caspar Community

Apart from being the most beautiful year-around place in the world (no bias, and yes, I've been everywhere else!) this little village has become an amazingly rich nexus for juicy happenings that feel good to us. Just a month ago, we were held in profound, astonishing, awe while a team of Tibetan monks from Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery sand-painted, grain by grain, a sacred mandala, and then dissolved it.

<p>Tibetan Monks prepare to dissove their mandala</p>

Tibetan Monks prepare to dissove their mandala

1055 : 2082
<p>Then, just last Saturday evening,...

Then, just last Saturday evening, our friends and master musicians Gene Parsons, Gwyneth Moreland, Steven Bates, and David Hayes performed a delicious concert in our little jewel box venue.

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