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Travel day. We packed and left our lovely flat and found a taxi who zipped us to Barcelona Sants, the big new train station. The taxista and I transacted our whole business in Español, and I felt very comfortable...

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We awoke after a quiet night's rest to the sun spangling the Mediterranean outside our window. We had work to do today:  Find the bakery and buy breakfast Go to La Poste office and see if our webspot device was where we were told it would be...

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lead image for this date18 May 2016 :

Again this morning, the view out the window at sunrise, despite the clouds, was gorgeous. We both slept well, and are ready to face the day -- a little cooler, and expecting wind and a little rain this afternoon. Weather, in other words, just like Caspar's at this time of year.  

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lead image for this date19 May 2016 :

The wind is howling. Is this what they call the scirroco? Whatever, it's as bad as ever in Caspar, only it's from the east. The ocean is roiled up in whitecaps. Outdoors isn't much fun ...

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The gale having abated, we spent a restful, unambitious day walking around Collioure. We started with "the Royal Castle," one of the most undistinguished piles we have ever visited...

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